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"This study has shown the potential value in play visits in prison to support the wider determinants of prisoners and their family’s health."

"An important point to emerge from the research is the unwavering importance of the prison visit in the life, well-being and regime of a prisoner. Prison visitors’ centres are shown to be an important part of creating positive visits experiences offering a space for composure and for support for families."

"Participation in the project had led some prisoners to reflecting on their crimes and the resulting separation from their children."

"Strategic stakeholders working closely within the Prison Service consistently claimed that the services offered at HMP Leeds were way-ahead of other prisons."

"This study shows that there is clear potential to expand the notion of playwork in prison despite the differences between establishments to benefit prisoners, children and families. These impacts are potentially considerable for society and may contribute to significant cost savings in terms of reduced re-offending and improved family and child outcomes."

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