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Family Support Workers

The family support staff who work on the ground floor of the Jigsaw Visitors Centre give free and impartial advice to families visiting the prison in person or by phone. 

We provide information booklets covering various topics such as ID requirements when visiting the prison, ways to keep in touch with a prisoner, sending money and more.

We also have outreach workers who can help families who may need help with practical matters such as housing, debt, benefits or accessing healthcare. We can also refer family members to counselling if you would appreciate emotional support.

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Family Support, Children, Fathers, Corporate and Family Outreach


Before you arrive, Bookings and Information 


HMP Leeds and HMP Wealston

Family Forum

Online family forums take place to allow families to speak with one of the Governors of HMP Leeds. Holding these forums online means that families don't need to travel to the prison but can join by downloading the Microsoft Teams app. Speak to a member of Jigsaw staff to find out more about how to attend.

Family Visits

Family Visits are two hour visits which take place on Friday mornings throughout the year. We also offer an adult family visit so that partners without children and adult relatives can visit. On visit days Jigsaw organise a craft activity or quiz and some snacks.

The prisoner must fill in an application form on the Prisoner Information Desk if he would like you to attend one of these visits.

In to Out

Jigsaw offers intensive community support to families of prisoners in the West Yorkshire area.  Families will be assessed and either offered intensive support for up to 1 year or light touch support. View the poster below, or download the referral form

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Click above for more information about the Family Forum

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