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Family Support Workers

The family support staff who work on the ground floor of the Jigsaw Visitors Centre give free and impartial advice to families visiting the prison in person or by phone. Where there may be more specific advice available, we have a network of support centres that we can refer to.

We provide detailed information booklets and fact sheets for visitors on various topics such as the first 24 hours in prison and coping with life after arrest. There is also extensive information available about wider topics less specific to Leeds, such as issues with drugs and alcohol, benefits and sentencing in the UK justice system.

Prisoners from HMP Leeds and HMP Askham Grange on Release on Temporary License (ROTL) have the opportunity to volunteer in the Family Support team. Their first-hand experience of living in a prison environment allows them to bring a new perspective to the issues families may face.

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HMP Leeds and HMP Wealston

Meet the Governor

Monthly drop-in sessions are held with the Governor at HMP Leeds for family members who wish to discuss any personal issues, concerns or problems they may have.

Family Days

Family Days are longer visits structured around an itinerary set by Jigsaw. There are four types of family days. Generic, gym, and cooking family days are available to parents with children. We also offer an adult family visit so that partners without children and adult relatives can visit.

On generic days Jigsaw arranges craft activities, story time, party games, a visit by Doris the dinosaur (the prison mascot) and a buffet lunch. On gym days, children go into the prison gym with their father to bond over activities. During cooking days children go into the education area of the prison and cook a healthy meal with dad, which is eaten together as a family for lunch. While the father and child bond during gym and cooking days, the mother is taught some well-being techniques from a beauty therapist at the centre. For adult visits we arrange quizzes, bingo, card making and team building games.

In to Out

Jigsaw offers intensive community support to families of prisoners in the West Yorkshire area.  Families will be assessed and either offered intensive support for up to 1 year or light touch support. View the poster below, or download the referral form

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