Storybook Dads is a non-profit charity in the UK founded by Sharon Berry and first launched in HM Prison Dartmoor in 2003


Parent and Toddler Group

Twice a month fathers have the opportunity to bond with their toddler playing with age appropriate toys and are encouraged to take a lead parenting role (e.g. feeding their children or changing their nappies). A health professional is sometimes available to give additional support, especially to new fathers and mothers.

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Story Book Dads

This project allows fathers to record a story that is to be given to their child on a CD or DVD. The audio is edited to add music and sound effects to bring the story to life for their child. This gives them something to remember their parent by during the period of separation.

Skrapbook Kids

During this project fathers choose a selection of pre-made activity sheets for themselves and for their child to fill in. Activities include drawing, colouring and creative writing. The activity sheets are posted out every week to be completed and returned by their children. This process is repeated until the scrapbook is completed and given to the child.

Homework Club

Whether its fathers assisting with their children’s homework, or children reading their library books to their dads, every month fathers have the chance to get involved in their children’s education.

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