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If you're worried about a prisoner please contact the prison's Safer Custody Hotline

Use the phone numbers or online contact forms at these links to let the prison know your concerns about a prisoner's welfare. Remember to include your name and contact information in the message.

Find out more about prison life:

The Prisoners' Families Helpline has created videos to explain some of the aspects of prison life. These are available in several languages: Albanian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Somalian, Urdu and Welsh. (Click for other languages and more videos in this series.)


For children: Families Outside has created a video to explain about the prison visiting process for children, and to answer some of their questions about prison.

Our Resources page contains links to other useful websites.

Prison Life Video 

from Prisoners' Families Helpline

Visiting Someone in Prison: a photo guide for children

from Families Outside

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