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Support Jigsaw


Jigsaw is registered with Amazon Smile which provides an easy way for you to donate to Jigsaw at no extra cost to you. When paying for your items Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the Jigsaw Charity when you select us as your chosen charity.

How do I activate Amazon Smile?

To shop at Amazon Smile, follow these very simple steps…

  1.  Go to the Amazon Smile website ( and log in to your Amazon Account.

  2. To select Jigsaw as your nominated charity, select the bar underneath the ‘pick your charitable organization’ title and type in ‘Jigsaw Leeds’ which will offer you Jigsaw Visitors' Centre as an option.

  3. Double check you have found the correct organization by clicking the ‘About’ button near the name where you will be shown well known details about Jigsaw Charity. An example of this is how we serve the West Yorkshire region.

  4. Once it is clear you have found the correct organization, click the ‘Select’ besides ‘Jigsaw Visitors Centre’.

  5. You have now successfully assigned Jigsaw Visitors Centre as your chosen charity and now a 0.5% portion of all eligible items purchased on the Amazon App or website will be donated to Jigsaw Visitors' Centre.

Once registered for Amazon Smile, remember to use the Amazon Smile link to make your Amazon purchases.

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