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To sustain relationships between prisoners, their families and their loved ones


To provide a range of services at our prison sites and in the community, offering emotional support, advice and guidance, rehabilitation and family time. Enabling offenders and their loved ones to sustain meaningful relationships to benefit them during time in custody and beyond


  • Putting people first, providing a personal and quality service accessible to all our service users.

  • Maintaining an independent, democratic organisation that empowers its stakeholders to get involved in the planning and direction of the organisation.

  • Valuing diversity amongst staff, volunteers, service users, and the Management Committee and encouraging the different skills, backgrounds and experiences they can contribute.

  • Following a clear strategic direction from the Management Committee and Manager, owned by staff and volunteers and informed by service users.

  • Innovative and creative ways of working with partners to effectively make a difference to our client groups.

  • Working to clear and transparent agreements with service providers and funders.

  • Being reflective and critical : able to learn from experience and share good practice.

  • Maintaining a healthy and supportive team : where everyone’s contribution is valued.



Courses, Useful Guides and Organisations


Family Support, Children, Fathers, Corporate and Family Outreach


Before you arrive, Bookings and Information 



HMP Leeds and HMP Wealston

The charity’s objects (“Objects”) are specifically restricted to the following:

  1. The relief of poverty, hardship and distress among partners, families, children and dependents of persons who have suffered a legal restriction of their liberty and who are detained at HM Prison, Leeds, or are otherwise involved in the justice system, such as other HM Prisons and the probation service;

  2. To relieve sickness and poor health and to promote health and health education among those detained at HM Prison, Leeds, their dependants and other family members and amongst people living in the Armley area of Leeds through the promotion of health and wellbeing in the work of Jigsaw.

  3. To work with HM Prison Service to provide services including, but not limited to, independent support, information and advice to the families of prisoners; management of play areas within the prison and provision of catering services;

  4. To work across the justice system to increase opportunities for the rehabilitation of offenders through activities including the maintenance of family ties and offering opportunities for work placements and job-based training through catering services and supporting the day to day activities of the charity;

  5. To consider other ways of working with offenders to reduce reoffending including, but not limited to, social housing, catering and other proposals that will enable offenders to gain work experience and find employment; and

  6. To promote other charitable purposes for the benefit of in particular but not exclusively anyone affected by the criminal justice system and people living or working in the Armley area of Leeds.

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